Architecture and Interior Design: ARQUITECTONICA

Since Arquitectonica’s founding in Miami 27 years ago, it has developed an international practice recognized for excellence and innovation. Led by Bernardo Fort-Brescia and his wife Laurinda Spears, Arquitectonica is an internationally acclaimed architectural firm with offices all over the world. It is known for expressive “high tech” modernism style and its achievements have been adorned by numerous prestigious awards and accolades; most notable among those honors are the AIA Test of Time Award, Excellence in Architecture and modern design Progressive Architecture Awards. For more information visit:

Construction Company: COASTAL CONSTRUCTION

With a distinguished 100-year history in construction throughout Florida, the Murphy family’s Coastal Construction was an ideal choice to build Axis. The Coastal Condominiums division, which focuses exclusively on the construction of condominium and timeshare residences, has completed more than 3,200 units since it was founded. That expertise and first-hand knowledge are evident throughout the Axis property. For more information visit: