In the words of its world-renowned architect, Bernardo Fort-Breschia of Arquitectonica, "Each of the towers of Axis is a pure prism of undulating glass… unique and sensual… with open layouts that maximize usable space and provide an endless feeling of spaciousness."

Indeed, when looking at the sleek, modern exterior it becomes clear that this is no ordinary residential building. It is a living work of art whose tangible and intangible value will only increase over time.

Axis is a social center with party spaces, a Kids play room, a fitness club, two swimming pools and a tropical resort-style deck. It is your own personal business hub, with meeting spaces, wireless internet access and multimedia capabilities. And, perhaps best of all, Axis is your retreat from the rest of the world - a place to relax and enjoy the Biscayne Bay sunrises or city sunsets outside your window or on your spacious terrace. Axis is all of these things and anything else you choose to make it. This is urban escapism at its best.